10 December 2019

    It happened.  All is likely lost.  Why?  Four different properties near or abutting my one-acre have been ‘developed’ during the last 9 months.  Bulldozers have stripped this land, slaughtered the trees, and laid waste to the rhythms and pulses of this Natural Paradise.  Water levels have also risen...more than 48” during the last 4 years.  Habitat is drowning in every direction.  Invasive species are appearing everywhere.  Moreover, this early winter, the number of birds visiting my feeders has fallen by 70%.  Where are my friends?   Where is my church?  Why?

              All is changed by the

       clumsy greedy hands of man.

    What had once been a celebration of Nature is now its lamentation.  The profound quiet and the deep darkness around my home are now erased.  I am left with melancholy, gloom, despondency.